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We are now accepting orders for trees and shrubs for the 2018 spring planting season. Whether you are interested in riparian filter strips, wildlife habitat, field windbreaks, farmstead windbreaks, living snow fences, trees for livestock or recreation areas we have access to what you need. If you don’t know what you want, feel free to come in and talk with us about it!


Click here to download the tree order form: 2018 Tree Order!


You can also pick up an order form in the office located at 508 E 6th in Culbertson. Orders will be accepted until March 17, 2018. We encourage you to place your order are soon as possible to guarantee species and size availability. Please be aware that prices and availability may be subject to change without notice. Don’t forget to add 10% shipping costs to your order. Checks can be made payable to Roosevelt County Conservation District (RCCD). You can expect the orders to be shipping here the last week of April 2018.

Orders may be email to: rccd17@gmail.com


Mailed to: Roosevelt County Conservation District
P.O. Box 517
Culbertson, MT 59218



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